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Spirituality of Chronic Pain

Dr. Julian Ungar-Sargon is a highly accomplished neurologist and pain management specialist with a passion for exploring the intersection of spirituality and chronic pain. With extensive experience in electrodiagnosis, including E.M.G., E.E.G., and evoked potentials, he brings a comprehensive understanding of neurological conditions and their impact on patients’ lives.


Dr. Ungar-Sargon’s journey in medicine began with training in England, followed by residency and fellowship at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in New York. Throughout his career, he has held teaching positions at renowned institutions such as the Medical College of Pennsylvania and Harvard Medical School, where he shared his expertise with aspiring medical professionals.


Beyond his medical achievements, Dr. Ungar-Sargon has pursued a diverse educational background. With degrees in medicine, theology, literature, and music, he brings a multidisciplinary perspective to his work. This unique blend of knowledge enriches his approach to chronic pain management, incorporating spiritual and holistic principles to complement traditional medical interventions.


Driven by a deep sense of compassion and a desire to empower individuals in their pain management journey, Dr. Ungar-Sargon established his blog and website as platforms to share valuable insights, research findings, and practical strategies. Through his writings and resources, he aims to provide support, inspiration, and a deeper understanding of the spiritual dimensions of chronic pain.


As an advocate for integrative medicine, Dr. Ungar-Sargon recognizes the importance of addressing the complex nature of pain by considering not only the physical aspects but also the psychological, social, and spiritual dimensions. His approach encourages individuals to explore the role of spirituality, prayer, and seeking spiritual support as powerful tools for managing and finding meaning in their pain experience.


Join Dr. Julian Ungar-Sargon on this transformative journey as he combines medical expertise, spiritual insights, and compassion to guide individuals towards relief, healing, and spiritual growth amidst the challenges of chronic pain.



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Professional Credentials


  • Degree in Medicine from The Royal London Hospital Medical College, London University
  • L.R.C.P. (London), M.R.C.S. (England), MB, BS from London University
  • Rabbinical Ordination from Yeshivat Mikdash Melech, Brooklyn, NY
  • Master’s Degree in Theological Studies (M.T.S.) from Harvard University
  • Master’s Degree in Literature (M.A.) from Brandeis University
  • Ph.D. in Ancient Near Eastern Languages and Literature from Brandeis University


  • Extensive experience in electrodiagnosis, including E.M.G., E.E.G., and evoked potentials
  • Residency and Fellowship at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center, New York
  • Teaching positions at the Medical College of Pennsylvania and Harvard Medical School
  • Medical Director of Lifeline Medical Clinic, South Bend, IN
  • Medical Director of Neuro-Med Services Inc., Darien, IL
  • Director of Neurology and Pain Management Clinic at NeuropraXis P.C., Merrillville, IN
  • Consulting Neurologist for various hospitals and surgical centers

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